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Deleting All Installed Apps for IPhone Simulator In a Sec!

Today I was having problem, how I can delete all the installed apps from my IPhone simulator, they were just piling up because I was doing lot of testing and running code of others while learning from others code, running codes in books/tutorials/blogs etc.

So here is the solution I got.

1. Open IPhone Simulator

2. IPhone Simulator – > Reset Content and Settings…

Picture 1

3. Reset

Picture 2

And you are done! All the installed apps in the simulator will be uninstalled in a sec, yahoo.

PageUP, PageDown buttons in Apple Macbook KeyBoard

When you bought the macbook, you will be wondering there is No PageUP, PageDown buttons in the keyboard of your macbook. But infect there is a hot key for this in mac os x.

Command + up arrow             —> takes your cursor to the head of the screen.

Command + down arrow        –> takes your cursor to the bottom of the screen.

Command + left arrow key     — > takes your cursor to the left corner of the screen.

Command + right arrow key  — > takes your cursor to the right corner of the screen.

Extracting Files In Mac OS

Hi all,
This is my second day on macbook and now its the first time i got this problem. How to extract .rar files. After googling a little bit i found BetterZip software quite good. It can extract not only .rar files but also zip, sit, tar, gzip, bzip2, 7-zip, BinHex, MacBinary, cpio, arj, lzh/lha, cab, iso, chm, rpm, deb file extensions.

Not only you can extract files, you can also compress the files. Very good interface with drag and drop support.